I offer quality content writing to help you market your business online.

You need solid, well-researched blog posts and ebooks to stand out on the Internet and attract customers.

I get it. I’m in the same boat.

But how many times have you hired a contractor, only to receive sub-par work? Maybe their first few articles were up to the right standard, but suddenly the quality of their work dropped. You weren’t getting your money’s worth anymore.

All too often, clients lament to me about these frustrating past experiences.

Please, don’t fret any longer. You’re in the right place.

The writing I do for my clients is the same type of content I produce on my blog. Clients have used my writing to drive traffic, rank in search engines, and develop relationships with their audience.

I act as an in-house content writing specialist.

The Writing Standards That Come With Each Piece

I hold my writing to a high standard:

  1. Clean and thoughtful editing
  2. Well-researched, whether I’m familiar with the topic or not
  3. In-depth and actionable, so readers can gain something from what they read
  4. Focused on quality over quantity (although I shoot for both)

I prefer to write articles that are at least 800 words long, because this leaves enough room to provide value to the reader. In my experience, reader-focused content is the type that will get you results.

800 words is also a good threshold to help your content rank in search engines.

What Topic(s) Do You Need Written?

I specialize in writing about internet marketing and growing a business online. My writing involves a beautiful combination of 1) a love for online marketing (especially content marketing) and 2) knowing a lot about it. So if you’re a marketing or SEO agency, I’m your guy.

How Much Would This Premium-Level Writing Cost Me?

I work on a per-word rate, because I think it’s easier for both you and me.

Simply give me an estimated word count range, and I will deliver that content to you. I want to give you what you pay for — and then some. This is what builds a strong business relationship.

My goal is to develop a long-standing, mutually-beneficial partnership with you.

But, if you only want to work with me for a few articles or one ebook, I’m happy to do so.

Simply enter your email address in the form below to get my rates.

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